The pursuit of our vegan restaurant

To using what grows. To trying new things. To widening the palette. To things well made. To exciting every day. To a different taste. To a balanced diet. To make a choice. To make it matter. To be more you.

At Magu we believe in plant-based living. Quality seasonal ingredients, local produce, balancing natural flavours, texture, small vineyards producing natural wines with character and ecological behaviour.

Head chef Felipe Moya’s menu evolves with the seasons, each changing menu has a distinctive theme, a story he aspires to tell through food.

Felipe, Head Chef

An ecological approach on and off the plate

Produce on the plate is sourced in its natural growing season. What grows now determines the menu. For the cold winter nights, we’ll fill our kitchen and fermenting jars with late season vegetables, brassicas, squashes, nuts and top fruit. We develop our sourcing, fermentation and preserving methods constantly, to allow our food room for creativity.

We approach everything ecologically. We have little food waste, our kitchen appliances are second cycle where possible, our furniture is second-hand and restored to bring items back to life. We even use glassware created from old mineral water and beer bottles.

Why only natural wines? – simple and traditional methods.

In addition to being sustainable, we believe that natural wines are the most perfect expressions of one’s hard work, terroir and vintage. From growing grapes in their untouched natural habitat to very low human intervention in the cellars, those wines are alive. They breathe, they change, they are a microcosm of life. Nothing added, nothing removed, just pure fermented grape juice. Stuff that is good for the soul… in moderation of course.