Smoke & Preserves Menu

11 – course menu 69€/per person

8 – course menu 58€/per person

Umami consome with sichuan chili oil

Roasted sweet potato, wild mushrooms ketchup & pickled daikon 

Beetroot, horseradish & hemp tofu

Spinach pancake, feta mousse & pickled apples

Roasted bell pepper, red pesto & fermented almond 

Roasted pumpkin, teriyaki & roasted pickled ginger

Confit pear with maple syrup glaze, blue cheese & caramelized walnuts 

Smoked carrot, dill mayo & seaweed caviar

Homemade tortellini, cannellini beans & pickled chanterelle 


Smoked celeriac wellington, red wine sauce & fermented lingonberries

Date cake with white chocolate ganache, spiced apple compote & roasted pumpkin seed crumble

Truffle and pine nut ice cream with oat cookie & apple syrup / +9 €