Be More Plant Food Box

A vegan restaurant experience you can assemble at home

The carefully curated food boxes provide locally produced, sustainable and delicious elements of Magu’s vegan dishes and creations. Bring a fully equipped plant-based dinner experience, designed for you, to create an intimate restaurant experience at home with ease.

The Box is created with the earth and ecological footprint in mind using biodegradable,  compostable and reusable materials aiming to eliminate waste and climate impact. When looking towards our future, the thinking does not always have to be outside of the box. Sometimes it is necessary to think about the box.

To exciting everyday. To widening the palette. To thinking our future.To make a choice. To make it matter. To be natural. To enjoy.

What’s in the box?

Each box brings together a number of ingredients and components, with dishes assembled by you to create a perfect combination of flavours. With the dishes designed to be easily put together either at home or outside, the box is a kind of gastronomic LEGO. Assembling an experience piece by piece.

The set comes with everything you need to recreate a restaurant experience at home. The contents are all prepared by us. To compliment our ready to roast vegetables, each box contains carefully prepared purees, packed with flavour sauces, and a selection of perfectly infused oils. Finally, our fresh garnishes ensure that restaurant quality look is delivered straight to your table.

Story of food box

We asked ourselves can we bring a sustainable and balanced vegan restaurant experience to the delivery and home cooking market in Helsinki? While communicating what our brand stands for, through packaging.

We imagined a future where people can easily access healthy and more socially conscious alternatives, creating or receiving delicious plant-based food at home.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the detrimental impact of packaging, this created a unique opportunity to design a product in line with Magu’s continued commitment to the environment and reducing waste.

We needed a stylish, customisable and sustainable packaging solution. A product that perfectly suited our needs. We brainstormed new innovations that could provide gastronomic delight and capture the customer visually. To communicate what our brand stands for, through packaging.

We sketched. We designed. Be More Plant Box was born.

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